croshi enigma

Can you crack the code?

Daily Clue

Solve the each part of the puzzle (7/7) to obtain the password and unlock the prize pot!

(You must hold 25,000 $CROSHI in order to participate)

About Croshi Enigma

Croshi Enigma is a new and exiting clue-solving series delivered by Croshi!

🧩 What is Croshi Enigma?
💰 Prize Pot
🕵️ How does it work?
Croshi Enigma
Croshi Enigma is a new and exiting clue-solving series delivered by Croshi!
Participants will compete with each other to solve a series of 7 tricky clues and be in with a chance of earning the prize pot! 💰

Click here to visit the Croshi Enigma Dapp

Prize Pot
The prize pot will change with every clue series, though may contain a cash reward, cryptocurrency, tokens, vouchers, NFTs and more! Think you have what it takes?
How does it work?
Each clue participants crack will be a part of a password. Once all 7 clues are cracked, codebreakers can go to our dapp to validate it. If you have been successful, you will be prompted with an email address and instructions on how to claim your reward! If a crypto reward is in the prize pot, the email address will contain 12 words making up a seed phrase where your prize will reside. 💸

How to Play

Easy as  1, 2, 3


Solve the daily clue until you have 7 words


Visit out dapp to validate your answers  here


(If successful) Follow the instructions to receive the reward email


Login and claim your prize 👑

Investing in cryptocurrency coins and tokens including $CROSHI can be very risky. Cryptocurrency investments are often speculative and do not guarantee profit so invest with caution. Coins like $CROSHI, $DOGE, $SHIB, and others of similar nature are sometimes considered 'meme coins'.
There are unfortunately many fake imitations and scam coins/tokens so make sure you are buying the right coin (admin in our Telegram can answer questions if you need).

Some people create a token and then remove the liquidity from the liquidity pool after other people buy the token with no intention to return it. This is known as a 'rug' or 'rug pull' and leaves traders stuck with token they can not sell unless someone else adds liquidity. The creators often do this under false premise and are essentially stealing everybody else's money. This is why many meme coins like $CROSHI have liquidity pools locked for period of time (ours are currently locked quarterly).

Here at Croshi Inu we have all of our project address exposed and available to the public with direct links on this website. Another thing to consider is new projects/tokens may be less advanced and more susceptible to hacks (but not necessarily). If you have any concerns or need some kind of help regarding crypto you can join the crypto gods group here where you can chat with other crypto enthusiasts. Do try to get the help in public chat as often people will try to scam those who are new to the space in private DM's. Never send your private keys or seed phrase to anyone and never use it to log into a site or app.

Furthermore, please ensure you are not violating the laws of your territory when buying $CROSHI. We can not control who buys this token from a DEX like PancakeSwap and can not be held liable for any repercussions you face if you break the laws in your country. Here you can find some basic background on crypto laws in different countries but we recommend you look into it further as all countries have their own rules and regulations that are often changing as the space evolves.